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Be rest assured that not only your money is safe but it will yield returns in the shortest of time. This is not a HYIP or MLM. DeepDream investment team have over the years acquired sufficient skills and expertise at e-trading and converting online time into money values.


With our easy to use mobile optimized website, investment options and 24/7 support, having your money work for you has never been this easy and convenient.

Become an Investor

Partnering with us today is a decision that you will tomorrow be grateful you made. With a simple click to Invest, you would have Started your journey to financial freedom and actualization of your dreams. Register here

Interest Growth

Our return on investment duration is designed for a steady inflow into your registered bank account. All you need to do is to keep attending to your personal affairs while we set your money to work which returns with your profit.

About Investment packages and Loan.

Our investment packages are simple investment portfolios designed to yield high interest over the shortest period of time for our portfolio holders(investors). Our investment is a simple and the way to save your money and have that money work for you. Our model is very simple to understand and ensures that every single investment with us is protected.

With our loan and service loan, we aim to help already existing investors and partners meet their personal needs and demands without worrying about collateral and guarantors while their investment is still yielding interest for them. This is the first of its kind.

5 easy steps to investing in DeepDream Investment Packages

Sign Up

Fill out our registration form with your names as it appears in your bank details.

Register Beneficiary

A beneficiary is someone you trust to inherit the proceeds of your investment in the event you become unreachable.

Select Package

Select your most convenient package. The varieties of our packages ensures that no one is left out.

Make An Investment

Pick any of our convenient mode of payment and pay for your package/packages

Investment Grows

Go on and run your personal businesses and affairs, we will do all the work and notify you before your investment matures.

4 easy steps to get a loan or request for any of the DeepDream services

Register Yourself on Website

Fill out our registration form with your names as it appears in your bank details.

Reinvest Capital Upto 12 Months

Reinvest your capital or have your account active running investment for at least 12 months, then apply for loan, it’s that simple.

Have An Active Investment

Before you apply for loan, make sure you have an active running investment. That is all that is required to access our loan.

Request For Loan

Once our system confirms your active account and records of reinvestments for the specified period, simply request for loan.

How Our Investment Package Works

How Our Loan System Works

How Our Services Loan Works

Investment Packages Portfolio



  • check 15% interest after 45 Days
  • check 20% interest after 60 Days
  • check 7% Bonus Interest (After 60 Days)
  • check 50 Slot Left
  • check 2 Packages
  • check ₦ 27,000 Min. Investment
  • check ₦ 54,000 Max. Investment



  • check 20% interest after 45 Days
  • check 25% interest after 60 Days
  • check 7% Bonus Interest (After 60 Days)
  • check 50 Slot Left
  • check 2 Packages
  • check ₦ 55,000 Min. Investment
  • check ₦ 110,000 Max. Investment



  • check 30% interest after 90 Days
  • check 7% Bonus Interest (After 90 Days)
  • check ₦ 150,000 Min. Amount For Bonus
  • check 49 Slot Left
  • check 4 Packages
  • check ₦ 100,000 Min. Investment
  • check ₦ 200,000 Max. Investment



  • check 35% interest after 90 Days
  • check 7% Bonus Interest (After 90 Days)
  • check 50 Slot Left
  • check 1 Packages
  • check ₦ 250,000 Min. Investment
  • check ₦ 250,000 Max. Investment

Why Invest in Our Package

Features Commercial Banks Deepdream Investment Loan Features Bank Loan Deepdream Loan
Withdrawal Charges Charges Apply No Charges Collateral Required Not Required
Investment Security Secured Secured Surety Needed in Most Cases Only in Exception Cases
Fees Account Maintainence Card, Maintainence SMS Charges No Fees Zero Charges Salary Account/Regular Inflow Required Not Required
Hidden Charges May Apply No Statement of Account/Letter of Employment Required Not Required
VAT Yes Yes Ton of Document Very Compulsory Not Compulsory

About Us

Registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC), DeepDream Technology is multi-disciplinary tech business that is comprised of a dedicated and highly motivated team with more than 10 years’ aggregate experience. We are proficient in providing internet-based business services and other solutions for its Clients with a firm commitment to optimizing value for money and putting her customers first.

Our team has, over the years, developed a range of skills and competencies to successfully deliver value in all its endeavours. Specifically, the Company’s unique strengths include:

Operating from 29 Association avenue, Ilupeju Lagos, Nigeria, the Company adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to projects by deploying highly specialized staff and resources to any job undertaken depending on the service to be provided.


To create local opportunity to impact and advance Nigeria and Africa to the spotlight in advanced integrated and eco-friendly technologies.


To utilize the power and versatility of the internet to empower people by giving them access to easy and affordable investment packages, loans and innovative services in IT, energy, business and engineering.


“We rise by lifting others.” We have confidence that in order to grow and expand, we must first help our clients, investors and customers actualize their dreams and goals by creating unparalleled solutions and confidentiality. Hence, we employ a carefully structured approach in all our investments and solution processes.